Thursday, November 22, 2012

DTI: Be aware of your food product’s safety

This coming Christmas goods are sure to be more expensive and the idea of thrift and resourcefulness will be actively practiced.

Some consumers will prefer affordability than quality and might not question the product, and for instance may end up buying “botcha” or double dead meat, or “expired” goods.

Department of Trade and Industry Aklan Director, Diosdado Cadena, in an interview said, although they have a different scope of responsibility, they are aware and or is coordinating with other sectors such as the departments of Agriculture which covers the National Meat Inspection Service or NMIS, and Food and Drug Authority among others.

And they have been alert on monitoring and have not found any problems in Aklan so far, particularly in Kalibo.

Director Cadena explained that the DTI only covers the Processes food products - such the noche buena items like hams- its supply and prices.

The determination of safety when it comes to raw meats is under the expertise and mandate of the NMIS which in turn is under the .Department of Agriculture.

Cadena advices the consumers to be vigilant enough and be aware of the safety of the products they are purchasing.

And since, he admitted, that determining if the meat is “double dead” is difficult and is the work of experts, knowing the manufacturer and or supplier will help, especially now that home-made products are popular and backyard slaughterhouses are multiplying.

He added that the expiry or best before dates must also be checked and with meats, if possible choose those which had been marked or branded by authorities as safe for consumption.

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