Thursday, December 13, 2012


By Rodel J. Abalus

An old man of about 50 years old, and a husband and wife of about 70 years old were seen begging on Saturday evening, December 8, in Boracay Island.

They were sitting along the path of the main road of Balabag.

The MSWD Office of Boracay was contacted to report the matter.

During the interview with Jessica Candolita, the Social Welfare Officer 4 of the Local Government of Malay, in the afternoon of December 11, it was learned that their Office just started a roving which was named “Operation Mendicancy. ” The operation was in coordination with the Island Administrator, Glenn Sacapaño and Balabag Village Captain, Lilibeth Sacapaño through the cooperation of the BTAC, and the MAP.

The operation started on the same day.

It was learned in the interview that three possible actions could be made during roving operation. One is rescue of minors, if minors were at risk, another is to apprehend, and reprimand beggars.

This was the second instance that the 50 year old man was seen begging at the same place. The first instance was in the evening of December 6, in which he was told to contact the MSWD Office of Boracay the next day. However, according to Candolita, there was no report of a 50 year old man contacting their office.

Although the 50 year old guy was not seen by the MSWD during their first roving operation, the 70 year old husband and his wife were seen separately in different locations and were reprimanded and told to go back to Caticlan.

The pair claimed that they were temporarily staying at Caticlan and that they were reportedly from Basilan and that they were Badjaos.

Candolita added that the case of the husband and wife would be referred to the Village Captain of Caticlan.

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