Friday, December 14, 2012

Stakeholders in Boracay aware of the planned demolition of illegal structures

The stakeholders in Boracay have knowledge about and are ready for any demolition of illegal structures and or establishments in the island.

This is what Boracay CENRO Officer Merza Samillano believes.

This is with regards to the issue that the DENR has ordered to begin the demolition of structures within the 25 meter area from the beach line and 5 meters from the road or what is called the 25+5 easement.

According to Samillano the inventory of structures in the island and those who violated the Presidential Proclamation 1064 particularly the implementation of the 25+5 had started way back in 2009.

This was followed with giving out of Notice of Violation from the EMB or the Environmental Management Bureau of the DENR to inform the stakeholders of their violations.

She also added that this issue is also already known to the mayor of Malay since he was one of those who were present during which this dilemma was discussed.

Meanwhile as President Benigno Aquino had formed the National Task Force who specializes with this issue on the island, the Department of Justice, Tourism, DENR, and DILG are coordinating for its implementation.

However any implementations to be carried out still are under the mandate of the local government.

Samillano, on the other hand refused to comment when asked about the number of establishments that may be affected if this will be started.

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