Tuesday, December 11, 2012


After more than a year of service to Malay and Boracay teaching Life Saving, Surf Life Saving Development Officer, David Field will temporarily leave Boracay.

He will temporarily leave on the 19th of December since he is being told by the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) to go back to the PNRC’s Head Office.

Nevertheless, according to Marlo Schoenenberger, the Administrator of the Red Cross Malay-Boracay Chapter, it is expected that Field will be coming back to raise the skill level of the Life Guards of the Local Government (LGU) in the island.

Field’s target is to raise the Level 3 training of the Life Guards into Level 5.

Regarding this, the Town Council of Malay has proposed to pass a resolution to express gratitude and to recognize the help rendered to Boracay by the professional Australian Life Saver.

Mentioned in particular by the Council is the raising of the skill level of the Life Savers of Boracay, including the Life Guards of the LGU, and establishments, also the Coast Guard, Red Cross Volunteers, and the youth from different schools in the island.

The Red Cross instructors taught by Field will be teaching when Field leaves.

Meanwhile, it was learned from Schoenenberger that while Field was in the Philippines, he had been going back and fort to Phuket, Thailand and Boracay Island to teach.

Schoenenberger added that Field was sent by the Australian Red Cross to the PNRC, which in turn sent Field to Boracay in the Month of October 2011.

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