Friday, December 14, 2012


The beach in the village of Yapak is almost gone and its village Captain, Hector Casidsid, is having problems because of this.
Add to this the predicament that there are a very few accessible beach lines in Yapak Village since the village is mountainous and rocky.
These prompted the Village Chairman to ask for help from the Town Council of Malay at noon time, Tuesday, December 11.
The assistance sought is for whatever the Town Council could render to protect Yapak’s beach against the occupation by private individuals.

This is allegedly because the beaches of Yapak are for everyone and not just to be owned by a resort or establishment which is near the area.
In relation to this, Casidsid mentioned big resorts at the area wherein fishermen and ordinary citizens at the area, allegedly, are no longer allowed near the beach since they are no longer allowed to enter by guards, and the areas have been intended for the resorts’ guests.
Aside from this, Casidsid is worried since there is allegedly a plan at Puka Beach by some private individuals and Corporation to put up large establishments at the area. This has made the Village Captain worried that no shore will be left since all of the shores will be occupied.
He emphasized the importance of the problem saying that Puka Beach is the only beach left for Yapak Village, and therefore, the protection for the environment is their request from the Town Council of Malay.

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