Thursday, July 4, 2013

Former Malay Councilor Dante Pagsugiron, wishes to be an observer in the SB Session

Former Sangguniang Bayan Member Dante Pagsugiron conveys his intention to be an observer during the Tuesday Sessions of the SB Malay.

Pagsugiron expressed this at the Inauguration Speech of the new set of officials held at the Malay Session Hall last Tuesday.

He revealed that he wish to be an observer to both the newly appointed and old members of the council every time it’s Weekly Session will be conducted.

According to the former council member, every time the SB proposes a new ordinance to be implemented, he will bridge or will serve as a liaison and communicate the discussion to Mayor John Yap.

However, he still has to request this to the Mayor, if he will be allowed to take such position.

He added that although he is no longer on the post, he is eager to be of service to the municipality.

Pagsugiron has served as SB Member of Malay for almost 9 years, and his term ended last June.

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