Friday, September 27, 2013

Police in Boracay, enforced for the arrival of Cruise Ship on October

Written by Jay-ar Arante

It is in need to enforce the police in Boracay, for the arrival of Cruise Ship this upcoming October.

Aklan Governor Florencio Miraflores confirmed the said arrival on a meeting held at the Governor’s Office in Kalibo, together with the stakeholders of Malay and Boracay,.

According to him, the security of the travelers in the Superstar Gemini going to the Island is a must.

The Police and the Red Cross Officers’ presence should be in the area wherein the tourist will drop by.

Including this, each road where they will pass by will be deployed.

Miraflores added, because the police forces in Boracay aren’t enough, Police taskforce from Kalibo will be add-on  during that date.

He also told to Boracay PNP Chief PS/ Inspector Joeffer Cabural, in case of need, he will be helping.

Therefore, in his statement he doesn’t want unto wards incidents to happen during the visitation of Superstar Gemini for the reason that the safety of the passengers of this will be at hand.

Translated by Carla Suñer

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