Monday, September 23, 2013

Supposed new thieving modus, confirmed by Boracay PNP

Written by Bert Dalida

Attention to all hotels and resorts in Boracay Island.

The Boracay PNP has confirmed that a new modus is being used by burglars and or robbers.

This is in relation to an incident at a hotel in Baranggay Balabag last night.

Based on the investigation of the Boracay PNP, the supervisor of the said hotel reported that at around 10pm last night, two individuals - both males - went into their establishment and inquired about their lowest room rate.

One of the suspects was accompanied to look at the room while the other stayed at the reception area.

Meanwhile, suspect 1 left his bag inside the room after having the supervisor believe they are taking it.

By the time they are back at the reception area, suspect two was no longer there, suspect 1 then alibis that the former may have gone to some disco bars and left to follow.

The supervisor then later found out that their built-in laptop was missing from the reception desk, its cord was severed.

The authority believes that this is a new modus after discovering that the suspects left the bag, containing what appeared to be stolen clothes, in exchange to the ripped off laptop.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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