Wednesday, August 22, 2012

E-Trike Design for BLTMPC to be Made in Boracay

The design of the e-trike of Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) to be submitted for a supplier to copy would be made in Boracay.
This was learned from Ryan Tubi, the General Manager of the BLTMPC.
The design would be in accordance to international standard and appropriate to the needs of tourists in the island.
According to Tubi, 1 of the 3 units BLTMPC e-trikes in the island will be remodeled to have a case or body designed for public transportation in Boracay. The design would then be presented to a supplier as a model. He added that BLTMPC has found someone to make the design.
In addition, he said it would be expected that within the current year, the 210 units of e-trikes (100 of which are units ordered by the Local Government of Malay from a different supplier, the other 100 and 7 are from the BLTMPC) would be completed.
Meanwhile, Tubi clarified that the units from the cooperative would be paid first by their financer since the cooperative could not afford to purchase such number of units.

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