Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Helmet Diving operations in Boracay, to be inspected by Dr. Salaver

There have been subsequent incidents of drowning due to different sea sports activities in Boracay.

This recorded cases raised concerns for the tourists, especially those occurrences where in, aside from drowning, they just suddenly experienced a heart attack in the middle of the activity.

Particularly in helmet diving and snorkeling which are often related to the reported incident of drowning and suffocation and where most of the victims are foreigners. 

In line with this Malay Municipal Health Officer Dr. Adrian Salaver said that he will have it checked as to what is in the operation of helmet diving that triggers such cases.

He stated that in his opinion helmet diving is dangerous as it uses a hose for the client’s breathing.

He also revealed that he was not invited when the Town Council of Malay had a committee hearing on the proposal of an ordinance regarding the regulation of helmet diving in order to take into consideration the health of those who wish to experience the said activity.

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