Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MRF Appealed to Complainants to Personally Go or Inform Their Office About Garbage Complaints

Even if collecting the garbage at the Village of Balabag is started at 2am, the material Recovery Facilities (MRF) is facing difficulty with the task due to the garbage volume.

This was revealed by Dana Maming, Supervisor of MRF Balabag in an interview Saturday afternoon.

This was after the comments of some drivers that early in the morning, the smell of garbage is emanating from the Main Road if garbage is uncollected not to mention the smell from the liquid dripping from garbage onto the street from garbage truck.

It was also learned from Maming that just at Balabag, it takes 18trucks to collect the garbage daily in the morning and this does not include the garbage collected at the beach line which originates from some other places.

Maming admitted that they lack manpower but that despite this, they manage to collect the garbage.

In relation to this, Maming appealed to the public whoever has complaints about the smell of garbage which has not been thrown properly or garbage which has not been properly left on the street to personally go to their office or inform them. She added that their office is ready to accept such complaints in order to immediately act on it.

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