Monday, August 20, 2012

It Was Almost 2am Friday - Snatchers Victimized a 40 Year Old Female Italian

Snatchers victimized a 40 year old female Italian early Friday morning.

It was almost 2am when the victim was walking with her three companions at the beach front when they were allegedly followed by two unknown suspects.

Based on the investigation of the Boracay PNP, one of the two suspects snatched the victim’s bag and ran away. One of the victim’s companions gave chase but stumbled.

Another companion of the victim flagged down a passing motorcycle and gave chase to the suspected snatcher who turned towards Balabag Plaza and were then nowhere to be found.

It was learned that the suspected snatcher rode a getaway motorcycle together with the other suspect.

Taken from the victim was a pair of shoes, cell phone, iphone and P4,000.

The crime is still under investigation

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