Friday, August 24, 2012

Investigation on Incidents on Sea Sporting Activities Called for

Incidents related to different sea sport activities in Boracay are deemed necessary to be investigated by the Chief Executive of Malay.

This is because such incidents are already disturbing according to Council Member Rowen Aguirre.

Aguirre emphasized the necessity in an interview after the reported successive cases of accidents registered from the month of July to August in Boracay.

Included were drowning and incidents resulted to the death of some foreign tourists while activities were held at sea.

According to Aguirre, an ordinance is being implemented in the island on the operations of helmet diving, parasailing, and others. He said, according to the ordinance, if it is proven that an establishment was negligent, aside from Civil Damages the establishment is accountable to the victim, the Local Government of Malay has the right to suspend the operation of the establishment.

He added that it would be beneficial at present to investigate the incidents and inspect all the equipments to find out whether the equipments still comply with safety standards since the life of an individual rests on them.

Aguirre asserted that it was necessary for the Chief Executive to already do what was necessary regarding the issue.

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