Monday, September 24, 2012

A Huge Decision to Make: To Be Accident Prone but Following the Law or Accident Free but Not Following the Law

Free from accident but not following the law or accident prone but following the law.

The choice on this was the big question for drivers in Boracay when the public hearing started on the planned re-routing at the village of Manoc- Manoc by the Town Council of Malay.

The Town Council wishes to implement the correct direction for vehicles based on law that going to the right should be the route.

Hence, the direction of traffic is planned to be reversed from Sitio Bantud going around Cagban area. According to the plan, from the intersection of Sitio Bantud, vehicles will turn right going to Cagban. And also from Cagban, if at present the route is going left, the proposal recommends turning right as well.

However, the management of Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) does not agree to this since this would be very dangerous for drivers and passengers. This is because the road is too steep, unlike in the existing route wherein the condition is not that difficult.

Aside from this, according to the BLTPMC Board of Director Enrique Gelito, also one of the propositions of the Town Council is to open the road and make it a two-way road although it is steep.

The Local Government of Malay is reportedly ready to put signage and On-Duty Malay Auxilliary Police at the area.

Nevertheless, the Cooperative insisted that such is dangerous, and that even the Village Captain of Manoc-Manoc does not agree with the proposal.

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