Thursday, September 27, 2012

Residuals at the MRFs of Boracay - Still Cannot Be Moved

A contractor would have been found by the Boracay Solid Waste Management Board according to town Council Member Dante Pagsugiron.

The contractor would collect the residual garbage dumped at the Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) at the three villages of the island.

The problem at the moment, however, is that there is no place for the garbage at the Land Fill of Malay at the Village of Cabulihan.

It was learned from the Councilman that there are 2 thousand cubic meter of residual at Yapak Village, 7thousand cubic meter at Balabag, and 3 thousand cubic meter at Manoc-Manoc which have not been collected and some of these were since last year.

Because of this, the Councilman is worried that if these residuals were not collected, the image of Boracay may get tarnished.

Pagsugiron asked for a recommendation on other methods to solve the problem from Engineer Arnold Solano, the Special Project Officer who is supervising the Land Fill project. This was after the P38 Million project reportedly failed.

On the other hand, because of the existing problem it was thought by the Town Council to pass a law that increases the Environmental Fee since the solution for garbage is said to be expensive. Aside from this, it is planned by the Council to hasten the passing of an ordinance regulating the use of plastic bag and styropor in the island and the Mainland Malay to lessen problems on residuals.

Also included in the recommendation by the Council is the purchase of a machinery to eliminate residuals and at the same time make the product be profitable since million would be spent for the years of service by the Land Fill.

 Nevertheless, Solano clarified that things were not yet too late, and the situation of the Land Fill project could still be fixed since the services of the contractor had not yet been paid since loan for the payment had not been released.

He added that the contractor could still be forced to make amends and follow the original plan and design of the project.

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