Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Town Council of Malay Disappointed on the State of the P38 Million Land Fill Project of Malay

The Town Council of Malay is disappointed on its discovery of the state of the P38 Million Land Fill project of Malay at the village of Cabulihan.

The project is supposed to be the solution for the garbage collected in Boracay Island.

This was the Town Council’s reaction after Engineer Arnold Solano, the Special Project Officer of Malay, exposed the state of the project in the hands of the contractor of the Landfill.

The planned design of the project was the result of the study made by the group Japan International Company (JICA), however, it was found out that the contractor allegedly made the size of the Land Fill area for residuals smaller than the planned design.

This was only a portion of the problems seen and exposed by Solano during the Question Hour on Tuesday morning, September 25, at the Town Council.

Although the fee for the making of the Land Fill project had not been given to the contractor since the loan for the fee had not been released, Eng. Solano said the project was almost 90 percent complete.

It also seemed that the Town Council could not accept that the contractor changed the design of the project without even asking permission from the Local Government of Malay.

Because of this, the Councilmen are bothered that they might be put in bad light on the state of the project especially that millions of pesos will be spent on the project.

The Council added that the money is a debt of the Town of Malay and the debt’s interest is being paid, and since the Council approved the project, therefore almost all of the Councilmen are answerable to the public.

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