Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Surveillance of establishments that are not paying due taxes, completed

The surveillance of establishments in Boracay that are not paying appropriate taxes has been completed, the Bureau of Internal Revenue/BIR said.

However, according to Revenue District Officer Ricardo Osario, they are giving those who violated a chance to pay.

The agency added that they do understand how difficult it is for businessmen for their establishments to be locked down.

That is why they have recently sent a notice for these establishments to be reminded, and to apply due process, but if the violation still persists they will then carry out its closing.

Meanwhile the Revenue Officer revealed that there are about five to ten big companies or establishments in Boracay that are not paying taxes to BIR-Aklan, but instead pays in Manila.

Nonetheless, Osario said, this is not a drawback for the target collection of the district.
He however admitted that these companies remits huge amount of taxes in Manila.

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