Thursday, June 27, 2013

Engr. Casidsid, to lead the enforcement of the composed Task Force on Mandatory Sewer Connection

Engineer Elizer Casidsid of the Municipal Engineering Office will lead the Task Force formed to focus on issues related to sewer system and drainage in Boracay next month.

Casidsid was appointed by Malay Mayor John Yap, alongside Engr. Ben Mañosca – COO of BIWC – to address the problems with those who are not connected in the sewerage system, which is the cited cause of waste water overflows on roads and low lying areas in the island.

Mañosca called up a meeting for the members of the task force which includes LGU-Malay’s department heads together with the DOT and DENR.

Based on Municipal Ordinance No. 297 series of 2011, the group will remind and oblige establishments and households to have their sewer lines connected.

Casidsid added, that there will be a process, but those who are not connected during the inspection will be immediately given a Notice of Violation and will be required to attend a hearing for an explanation.

Those who will fail to do so will be penalized and a possible endorsement to the Mayor for the cancelation or revocation of Business Permit based on the ordinance.

The implementation will last for three months starting on July 10, 2013.

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