Thursday, June 27, 2013

“Task Force” for imposing an obligatory Sewerage System connection, formed

An Executive Order form the Office of Malay Mayor John Yap is now on the works forming a Task Force that will focus on establishments and households that are not yet connected on the sewerage system in Boracay.

An amended ordinance in Malay, particularly on Section 1 of Municipal Ordinance No. 297 Series of 2011, states the obligatory connection to the sewerage system of establishments and households that are within 61 meters from the sewer line.

The Task Force is composed of the members of LGU-Malay from the Municipal Engineering Office, MPDC, Licensing, Municipal Health office, Baranggay Officials, Department of Tourism and DENR-Boracay.

The group will work alongside BIWC who has the data and map of the areas to be worked on.
The BFI, PCCI, and Yes FM will act as observers during the inspection and distribution of notices of violation.

According to BIWC Chief Operating Officer Ben Mañosca, the mayor has given the task force three months to wrap up and give solution to sewerage problems, clogged drainage, and street flooding.

Meanwhile, Boracay Island Chief Operating Officer Glenn Sacapaño, and BFI’s Jony Salme foresees a positive outcome.

According to them, accountableness and or conscience will be cited in order to convince everybody and to remind them that the move is for Boracay’s future.

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