Friday, June 28, 2013

Municipal Health Office advices the public not to be complacent when it comes to preventable diseases

Municipal Health Office of Malay exercises 70% prevention and 30% cure.

This is according to Malay Municipal Health Officer Adrian Salaver, who said the public must not be too complacent, and to always bear in mind the preventive measures, more so that the mentioned infirmities can be avoided.

He added that as much as the Municipal Health wants to deliver free vaccinations and medicines to those who need it, they are pushing more on the preventive side.

It always comes back to the community he said, and the best preventive measure is to maintain a clean surrounding.

Meanwhile, the MHO offers free flu vaccination to senior citizens only, and not for the general public. 

The vaccines were from the DOH and have already been distributed while other flu vaccines are available for purchase in other private clinics and drug stores.

Salaver added that they have no records of liptospirosis since his appointment as Municipal Health Officer, but this doesn't mean that the public should not worry, noting that flooding, and standing water is prevalent on the island and there could be rats everywhere.

And as with dengue, Salaver said that the people should not wait for news of its increasing cases before acting responsibly.

He is further appealing for the cooperation of the general public and the corresponding offices to act on the problems of floods and waste disposal to avoid the spread of diseases that are closely related to the rainy season.

 Contibuted by: Shelah Casiano

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