Friday, May 17, 2013


Sure you are leisurely walking along the four kilometer stretch coast of powdery white sand of the World’s Best Island of 2012 and 2013.

You get to enjoy the sunshine.

You can walk or lazily spend time along the coast or around the island, dine at restaurants and chill at its party places.

Want to do those in style?

It seems many have taken to wearing hats, in doing just that.

Two hats seem to stand out as choices: a fedora and a wide brim sun hat.

These hats seem to match too with the colors of the sand, establishments, and tropical plants of the island, and the island vibes.

In an interview on Thursday, May 16, Cherry Flores, the Sales lady of a souvenir shop at the beachfront, Station 2, and three (3) guys who did not want their names identified, said male and even female local tourists, Americans, and Russians prefer the fedora hat.

Meanwhile, the wide brim sun hat is preferred by female Chinese and Koreans.

The fedora costs P200 each but the price is negotiable, while the wide brim sun hat has a fixed price of P180 each.

While getting around Boracay, you could be among those who have chosen to have their tops covered with these hats.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

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