Thursday, May 16, 2013

PPRCV Boracay, has a call for newly elected officials

The Chief of the Boracay Tourist Assistance Center or BTAC has described the mid-term election in the island of Boracay as peaceful.

And the same was said by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting or PPRCV.

According to the PPRCV, they were confident that the polls will be as orderly.

However, although there were no problems with the voting itself, there are a few un-cooperative political supporters who gave out sample ballots within the polling places.

Aside from this, there were some vote buying that were observed.

Nonetheless, there are still a number of honest individuals who refused such offers.

The PPRCV said that they have given their best to conduct the election successfully.

Meanwhile, the group calls upon the newly elected officials to practice their duties accordingly for the good of the community, particularly in Boracay and the entire municipality of Malay.

The PPRCV is a national lay movement of the church that was established way back in 1991.

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