Friday, May 17, 2013

Heavy traffic on the mainroad Barangay Balabag, is a pain in the head

The heavy traffic on the main road going to Sitio Bulabog, Barangay Balabag is really such a pain in the head.

This is how the drivers and the passengers described that busy pathway every day.

It also gives a bad impression to the tourists visiting the island.

According to one of the operators, the road is under maintenance of one of the biggest telecommunication company.

And it will take more than three months to work out for the said road.

One of the reasons of that heavy traffic is that there is no Malay Auxiliary Police to supervise it.

Barangay Tanods or sometimes one of the workers just voluntarily manages the flow of the traffic.

Based on the interview to Boracay Island Administrator, Glenn SacapaƱo, he will still verify to the Malay’s Engineering Department the content of the permit of the said telecommunication, and that they will address the concern right away.

(Kate Danice Panaligan)

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