Friday, October 25, 2013

SB Malay to draft a resolution for the rapid-upgrading of the Boracay Hospital

Written by Alan C. Palma

SB Member Floribar Bautista appealed for a draft a resolution to persevere to the Province of Aklan in order to rapidly secure and establishment of the modern-medical equipments for the Boracay Hospital.

It is what Bautista said through a privilege speech on the 14th regular Session of SB Malay on Tuesday.

He particularly cited an example wherein the death of a passenger MS Superstar Gemini happened to died here.

According to him, though it occurred that the said passenger has passed away due to illness, with that it is still a must for the hospital to be equipped whenever such incident will take place, and might have been treated.

Bautista insisted, in which he said that the province is gaining million pesos worth of collection and that cruise ship arrivals are about to come to visit the Island, it is the appropriate time to fast track the placement of the necessitate of the efficient medical equipments on the said hospital.

Translated by Carla N. Suñer

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