Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tricycles in Boracay retains transporting in spite of the E-trike roving in Boracay

Written by Gloria Villas

Tricycles continue to transport in the Island of Boracay despite of the Electric tricycle that are roving in Boracay.

According to Boracay Land Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative General Manager Ryan Tubi, the transportation flows of the tricycles are still in a normal state, nevertheless those that are E-trike that are in Cagban Jetty Port.

Neither way, Tubi added that E-trike takes 8 hours before the battery gets empty, but still they are waiting for the 15 day trial before it will be guaranteed effective.

According to him, charging stations are provided such as Solar and more to that, chargers are included in the new units of E-Trike.

Meanwhile, the new E-trikes of the BLTMPC are now transporting in the Island of Boracay.

Translated by Carla N. Suñer

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