Wednesday, January 9, 2013

293 structures in Boracay set to be demolished

The National Boracay Task Force is set to demolish around 293 structures in Boracay’s beach line.

According to Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer or PENRO-Aklan Officer Iven Reyes, the said demolition will start to kick off in March or April of this year.

Reyes said that despite the number of affected structures, he anticipates that the move will not be as bloody or tumultuous.

This is because on the mentioned dates the effected establishments will have a “self-demolition.”

He explained that the owners themselves are aware of their violations particularly when the Presidential Proclamation 1064 has been implemented on the island.

The proclamation stated that if the structure is within the 25+5 easement set by the DENR it will be demolished.

Reyes also clarified that the cited number is comprised of the tents set on the vegetation area, some establishments, and structures, residential or government owned.

Meanwhile, the PENRO also said that before the demolition will be carried out, they will have a talk with those affected on February to March 2013.

This demolition will be implemented by the National Task Force which includes the Departments of Justice, Environment, Tourism and Local Government.

At this moment the PENRO office is now preparing the letters and or notifications for the owners of the affected structures.  

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