Friday, January 11, 2013

For a unified answer, Malay Mayor Yap opts for Consultative Meeting

All collaborators and those who are involved in a certain topic will be invited for a meeting to achieve a unified answer.

This is what the Chief Executive of Malay aims to happen whenever the Local Government will be introducing a new project or new implementations.

All Department Heads of LGU-Malay, other organizations, cooperatives and associations, particularly the implementers  will be call upon to attend for a one time discussion and arrive at a uniformed answer from everybody.

In line with this, Mayor John Yap conducted a Consultative Meeting yesterday.

Almost all groups were called to attend, including BLTMPC, BIHA, Mabuhay Host, all LGU- Dept. Heads, Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Industry /PCCI, Boracay Foundation Inc. (BFI), Boracay and Malay Police, Coast Guard, Army and Maritime.

This is still a part of the Mayor’s goal to maintain the coordination and or accord in Boracay and the entirety of Malay.

Yesterdays Consultative meeting included an agenda on the Chief Executive’s plan to construct a port at Brgy. Sambiray for boats intended for Island Hopping.

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