Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lady Boys “harassing” tourists – A bad image for Boracay, said DOT

“Bad image” for Boracay

This is the effect of the worsening situation with what was called the “lady boys” in the island and the harassment and robbery they are committing against the tourists.

According to Department of Tourism Officer in Charge, Tim Ticar, if this annoyance will continue, to the extent of “harassment” as some of these lady boys will even force tourists to be their customers, this will alter the image of Boracay.

The tourists will be going home with a bad experience and may pass it on to other possible visitors instead of promoting the island.

He also noted the bother it caused to those people who just wanted to go for a walk or bar hopping.

In line with this Ticar also communicated with the Malay Auxiliary Police or MAP as they are the implementer of the law and monitor the activities of these lady boys.

He also mentioned how, through the cooperation of stakeholders, the guards in resorts and establishments could be of help in this issue.

The Boracay Police had previously acknowledged the dilemma with these lady boys who are involved with prostitution, deceit, harassment, and robbery, victimizing tourists particularly the foreigners.

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