Thursday, January 10, 2013


If one is to apply for Village Clearance in Balabag, one has to get a Village ID.

The implemented ID System is mandatory for regular employees and residents of Balabag Village in Boracay Island.

This was what Emely Jinky Alecante, the Balabag Village Administrator said in an interview on January 4, 2013.

According to Alecante, the application for ID System or ID Card will be strictly implemented when applying for a Village Clearance which is in turn a requirement when applying for a Business Permit.

Alecante said the fee for Village Clearance is fifty pesos (P50).

The fee for the ID is two hundred and fifty pesos (P250) for residents of Balabag, and three hundred pesos (P300) for regular employees or transients, who are employed in Balabag.

The mentioned ID Card has a three (3) year validity.

The Village Administrator also clarified that a Village Clearance is also given to those who are new in the Village provided that a Village Clearance from where they come from is presented when applying for a Balabag Clearance.

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