Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Vehicles rendering service to tourists at Boracay and Kalibo are being scrutinized by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

This is so since when it is about tourist transportation, the DOT is in charge of its endorsement.

The scrutiny is allegedly to make sure that the facilities are presentable and comfortable for passengers of shuttle buses, vans and other vehicles servicing tourists.

According to Tim Ticar, the DOT Boracay Officer In Charge, vehicles which are more than two (2) years old are no longer endorsed.

Ticar added that in the inspection that is being conducted, it is being made certain that chairs, the airconditioning and the vehicles themselves are still in good condition.

Nevertheless, when it comes to “kolorums” or those without franchise, and the so called “Made in Italy,” referring to vehicles whose backside are already attached to vehicles just by the use of “tali” or rope in English but are still used for transportation at Caticlan and Kalibo, this allegedly is already the obligation of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

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