Thursday, January 10, 2013

Services and Facilities, paid for by the tourists

Quality service in exchange for the expenses the tourist made for a trip to Boracay.
This is what the Department of Tourism or DOT wants to happen.
In an interview with DOT Boracay Officer in Charge, Tim Ticar, this is the message he implied as an answer to the question as to why old and defective tricycles are still operating.
He clarified that the inspection of these tricycles is not in the scope of the DOT.
Instead it is the job of the Transportation Department of the LGU-Malay who provides franchises to these units.
Ticar admitted that there are really some tricycles that are not pleasant looking but are still allowed to operate.
This scenario he added is not fit for an international standard.
For this reason, he cited this as one of the problems in Boracay.
When in fact these transportation facilities are included in promoting or selling the name of this tourist destination that is Boracay, and that the standard of facilities and quality of services are actually being paid for by the tourists.
And it is just right to give it to them.

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