Saturday, January 12, 2013

“Seminar on Guest Handling” for front liners in Boracay, mandatory

All front liners in Boracay are now obliged to undergo a “Seminar on Guest Handling” before acquiring a working permit.

While it is a mandate of the Department of tourism, particularly the Tourism Act of 2009, that a tourism zone like Boracay must maintain an international standard of facility and service.

For this reason, in order for a local version to take shape and to strictly implement it in Boracay, last November 29, 2012 an ordinance regarding this matter has been approved.

And this makes this seminar even more important for the front liners.

This is also the proper time since January is the month for business permit processes.

Those considered as the island’s front liners are boatmen, Tricycle drivers, vendors, masseuse and or masseurs, and porters as well as those establishments who have a direct service to the tourists.

This ordinance states that those working as front liners who fails to undergo a “Seminar on Guest Handling” will not be provided with a working permit on the island. 

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