Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tricycle operators, taught on how to properly dispose used oil

Written by Cristy Dela Torre

Tricycle operators and drivers in Boracay were taught on how to properly dispose used oils.

This is what Land Transport Multi Purpose Cooperative or BLTMPC General Manager Ryan Tubi confidently said, in relation to the discarded fuel following a change-oil.

According to Tubi, although the operators/drivers have their own individual way or process, it is assured that it is being done properly. It is also being recycled and or buried in the ground.

They are also aware how it can be of harm to the environment.

Meanwhile, Tubi said that the LGU Malay has no specific regulation on this matter, therefore the BLTMPC itself taught or are teaching the operators and drivers on the proper disposal of the said used oil.

Translated by  Shelah Casiano

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