Thursday, June 6, 2013

Expansion of sewer line in Bolabog area, to be wrapped up by Boracay Water in July

The Boracay Island Water Company will finish their sewer line expansion project in the month of July.

According to Boracay Water Customer Service Officer, Acs Aldaba, after the expansion - which is in Bolabog area - the establishments can be able to have their sewer lines connected.

The mentioned area has no existing sewer line and that the status of their work is still ongoing.

Aldaba also added that they won’t be leaving the holes on the streets as they will have these repaired after.

Meanwhile, when asked about the flooding experienced by the Boracay National High School particularly on rainy days, Aldaba said that the problem is in the drainage.

And that they have been working on this as their way of helping the school.

The project has said to have started in June 2012.

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