Saturday, June 8, 2013

Top Ten Taxpayers in Malay, to be awarded this month

An award will be given to the Top Ten Tax Payers in Malay on Saturday next week.

According to Malay SB Secretary, Concordia Alcantara, the awarding will be conducted together with the celebration of the 64th Anniversary of Malay.

Alcantara added that this is an annual activity to recognize the stakeholders, particularly in the island of Boracay which is one of the centers of economy.

The SB Secretary also said that that they are hoping that those who will be awarded are those resorts in the island that has a huge income and are paying their taxes properly.

Together with this occasion, is the recognition of Young Malaynon Achievers, which is now on its second year.

The said Young Malaynon Achievers is an example of youths who had brought honor to the Municipality of Malay and to their selves by, for instance, passing examinations such as Board and BAR exams.

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