Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Problem related to Balabag Baranggay ID, to be acted upon by Brgy. Capt. Lilibeth Sacapaño

“Within this week, as long as the ink is available, I will have it done.”

This is what Balabag Baranggay Captain Lilibeth Sacapaño has said as a response to a complaint raised by a certain resident to Yes FM 911.

According to the complainant, whose name was withheld, they haven’t got their Baranggay IDs yet.

This is despite the fact that they were told to go back and get it for a number of times by the Baraggay’s photographer/technician, Marvin Maguindanao.

What made it worst is when she was told that her “fare” will be given back.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Baranggay Captain Sacapaño, she said that she didn’t know that this kind of problem exist in releasing baranggay IDs.

Sacapaño added that she will make sure to look into this problem for her to give action.
The Brgy. Capt. further explained that acquiring a Baranggay ID should not be a difficult process as long as the requirements are being provided.

The station tried to obtain Mr. Maguindanao’s reaction, but he refused to give his comment.

The processing of Baranggay IDs started off last January 2013, however there are still a number of people who applies and keeps going back, waiting for their IDs to be released.

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